Oh well, just another amazing month at the lab. We’re pretty much into the wedding season and as usual people shoot even more personal work when the weather gets nicer.
So yeah, we’re as busy as ever and (as you may have guessed) we hired three new scanner operator/editors that’ll start they’re formal training next Monday. Welcome to the Carmencita family!

As always, we put together a bunch of our favorite client works from last month that we hope inspire you as much as us.

000016photo by Ivan Sanchis
Isabelle-1photo by 2Brides Photography
Strahl-1photo by Christian Strahl
BadrAlObaidly_5.5-17photo of client Badr Al Obaidly by Khalid Fikri
Capyture-5photo by Robby Capy
Marcel-141photo by Robert Niederl
Joao-6photo by Joao Mascarenhas
PaulaPrats_7.5-27photo by Paula Prats
Ferire-1photo by Michael Ferire
KateGrewal-3photo by Kate Grewal
EnriqueRapisarda-2photo by Quique Rapisarda
Audrey Car-1photo by Le Secret D’Audrey
Dave May-56photo by Dave Harris
WesleyNulens-8photo by Wesley Nulens
MarkRhodes_14.5-28photo by Mark Rhodes
NoemiJariod-1photo by Noemi Jariod
Macias Lordan-3photo by Into The Light
Micmojo-11photo by Jan Scholz “micmojo”
Lea-7photo by Lea Bremicker
AlainMbouche-1photo by Alain M
CarlosBlanchard-3photo by Carlos Blanchard
YannAudic-1photo by Yann Audic
Retratoriginal_ItalyOrvieto-432photo by Ivo Moreira “Momento Cativo”
Pim_Ameland-85photo by Pim van Boesschoten
Wedding South Africa-561photo by Peaches&Mint
Andrea buzziphoto by Andrea Buzzichelli
TevaCosic-2photo by Teva Cosic
Darya-6photo by Darya Kamalova

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