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We’re at full capacity here but our monthly selection of client work is a much needed brake for inspiration. This month you guys seem to be particularly inspired so congrats!
Oh, and if you wanna win one of the 2 FREE SPOTS to hang out and learn from Jonathan Canlas, Micmojo, Hideki Hamada (to name a few) next November north of Barcelona at Traveling Light 2017 make sure to read this
Contax645 KodakPortra400 CarmencitafilmLab AdrianWoodContax 645 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Adrian Wood

Canon1V KodakPortra160 CarmencitaFilmLab CameronHammondCanon 1V + Kodak Portra 160
photo by Cameron Hammond

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab WesleyNulensContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Wesley Nulens

Contax645 IlfordHP5 CarmencitaFilmLab EmmanuelBoccaraContax 645 + Ilford HP5
photo by Emmanuel Boccara

Contax645 KoodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab MelanieNedelkoContax 645 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Melanie Nedelko

LeicaM7 IlfordFP4 CarmencitaFilmLab JeanFrancoisPfeifferLeica M7 + Ilford FP4
photo by Jean François Pfeiffer

Rollei35 FujiSuperia200 CarmencitaFilmLab EduardoPerezOrtizRollei 35 + Fuji Superia 200
photo by Eduardo Perez Ortiz

Contac645 Portra400 CarmencitaFilmLab JeanNicolasContax 645 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Jean Nicolas

Contax645 KodakPortra400pushed1stop CarmencitaFilmLab OssamaCadoretContax 645 + Kodak Portra 400 pushed +1stop
photo by Ossama Cadoret

OlympusMjui Kodak400Tri X CarmencitaFilmLab Michael NovotnyOlympus mju i + Kodak 400 Tri-X
photo by Michael Novotny

Contax645 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab Marcos PerezContax 645 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Marcos Pérez

Hasselblad500CM KodakPortra800 CarmencitaFilmLab JavierAlvarezHasselblad 500 CM + Kodak Portra 800
photo by Javier Alvarez

Contax645 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab PashaLutovContax 645 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Pasha Lutov

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab InnaKostukovskyContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Inna Kostukovsky

NikonFM3a IlfordFP4 CarmencitaFilmLab Pia ClodiNikon FM3a + Ilford FP4
photo by Pia Clodi

Pentax67II Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab TimofeySharkoPentax 67 II + Fuji 400 H
photo by Timofey Sharko

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab KatjaScherleContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Katja Scherle

Rolleiflex28f KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab TamaraAptekarRolleiflex 2.8f + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Tamara Aptekar

Contax645 KodakPortra400 CarmencitafilmLab HugoHennequinContax 645 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Hugo Hennequin

Hasselblad501CM KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab MicmojoHasselblad 501CM + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Micmojo

Pentax645N KodakPortra800 CarmencitaFilmLab ThomasLepaonPentax 645 N + Kodak Portra 800
photo by Thomas Lepaon

PlaubelMakina67 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab MartinHesbertPlaubel Makina 67 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Martin Hesbert

PentaxA3 Kodak400TMax CarmencitaFilmLab AnaLuiPentax A3 + Kodak 400 T-Max
photo by Ana Lui

Nikonf100 FujiSuperia200 CarmencitaFilmLab VitalyAgeevNikon F100 + Fuji Superia 200
photo by Vitaly Ageev

NikonF80 KodakGold200 CarmencitaFilmLab XeniaBluhmmNikon F80 + Kodak Gold 200
photo by Xenia Bluhmm

HasselbladH2 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab Stuart CooperHasselblad H2 + Fuji 400 H
photo by Stuart Cooper

Pentax67 Kodad400TriX CarmencitaFilmLab AdriaCanamerasPentax 67 + Kodad 400 Tri-X
photo by Adrià Cañameras

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab AnnaRigauContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Anna Rigau

CanonFTb IlfordDelta3200 CarmencitaFilmLab TiphaineMateoCanon FTb + Ilford Delta 3200
photo by Tiphaine Mateo

CanonAE1 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab ElodieGuyotCanonAE 1 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Elodie Guyot

Mamiya645AFD KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab SiegridCainMamiya 645 AFD + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Siegrid Cain

Canon1V FujiNeopan400CN CarmencitaFilmLab AlexUrbanCanon 1V + Fuji Neopan 400 C N
photo by Alex Urban

Contax645 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab JennyTongContax 645 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Jenny Tong

OlympusMjuii FujiSuperia400 CarmencitaFilmLab UlrichSperlOlympus mju ii + Fuji Superia 400
photo by Ulrich Sperl

NikonFM Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab JeanEricBelmonteNikon FM + Fuji 400 H
photo by Jean Eric Belmonte

Contax645 Fuji400H MarinellaDeCastroContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Marinella de Castro

NikonEM KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab JeremyDalyNikon EM + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Jeremy Daly

ContaxG2 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab JoseDavidValienteContax G2 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Jose David Valiente

ContaxG2 KodakEktar100 CarmencitaFilmLab FrancescPlanesContax G2 + Kodak Ektar 100
photo by Francesc Planes

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