June has been extremely busy at the lab as you can probably guess.
Besides the usual more light/good weather = more photos + wedding season we also just launched our long awaited printing services. So yeah, that seems more than enough to keep 14 people in two different shifts working non-stop for you guys ^_^

As usual we came up with a small selection of our favorite client works that were developed/scanned during June.
Hope you enjoy as much as we did while working on them

Have a great Summer everyone!

TheresaFurey-12photo by Theresa Furey
Anastasiya-34photo by Nastia Vesna
Teva-12photo by Teva Cosic
KrisKozlowski-1photo by Kris Kozlowski Moore
Isabelle-7photo by 2brides
ValentinaVerdesca_Synchron-14photo by Valentina Verdesca
ChristianStrahl-2photo by Christian Strahl
Siegrid+ClaraWolfgang-78photo by Siegrid Cain
HenningKlasen-2photo by Henning Klasén
BernatPadilla-1photo by Padilla&Rigau
BirgitHart-2photo by Birgit Hart
KathrinaStahlphoto by Kathrin Stahl
Tanja Kibogo-2photo by Tanya Kibogo
Jorge Hunt Junio-99photo by Jorge Hunt
Yaroslav+Zhenya-108photo by Yaroslav&Jenny
Ferire-1(2)photo by Michael Ferire
SonyaKhegay-1photo by Sonya Khegay
Alberto_Mayo15-160photo by Albert Lores
QuiqueRapisarda-5photo by Quique Rapisarda
Darya Kamalova-3photo by Darya Kamalova
Adria Lucas-3photo by Adrià Lucas
Ana Lui II-37photo by Ana Lui Photography
LauraDonetphoto by Life In White
HohWinfried_5.6-73photo by Winfried Hoeh
StephKillip-99photo by Steph “bubblerock” Killip
BenjaminDewalque_Macedonia-11photo by Benjamin Dewalque

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