The first Best Of selection of 2018!

January is often a quiet month when we talk about film photography but we can’t say that translates into the quality of the work we’ve seen :O

To begin the year and compensate for those long winter days we put together an extra fatty selection of almost 50 images that we believe are worth showcasing. It was already hard to choose only those but we couldn’t make it any shorter.

We have lots of news for February concerning workshops and new lab services that we can’t wait to share with you 🙂 As always, we never know how the year will be, but this first Best Of feels like a crystal ball that shows us that this year gonna be one to look up for!!

Sit comfy, grab a warm drink and enjoy!


Pentax67II KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab MichaelFerirePentax 67 II + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Michael Ferire

ContaxG1 KodakGold200 CarmencitaFilmLab IvanBlancoContax G1 + Kodak Gold 200
photo by Iván Blanco

NikonF301 FujiSuperia400Pushed1Stop TiagoAlmancaNikon F301 + Fuji Superia 400 pushed 1stop
photo by Tiago Almança

Hasselblad500CM IlfordHP5Pushed1stop CarmencitaFilmLab JohannesReigoHasselblad 500 CM + Ilford HP5 pushed 1stop
photo by Johannes Reigo

Pentax645N KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab TamaraAptekarPentax 645N + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Tamara Aptekar

Contax645 Ildford3200 CarmencitaFilmLab ArtitPhotographyContax 645 + Ilford 3200
photo by Maria Simonova/Artit Photography

NikonFM KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab EmmanuelGratuzeNikon FM + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Emmanuel Gratuze

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab AeliaSchrederContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Aelia & The Camera

PentaxK1000 FujiSuperia200 CarmencitaFilmLab AlbaBallestaPentax K1000 + Fuji Superia 200
photo by Alba Ballesta

Contax645 IlfordHP5 CarmencitaFilmLab TheresaPewalContax 645 + Ilford HP5
photo by Theresa Pewal

Pentax67 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab AlbertoBandiniPentax 67 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Alberto Bandini

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab MariaSundin2Contax 645 + Fuji 400 H
photo by Maria Sundin2

Mamiya645AFD KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab RobertMarcillasMamiya 645 AFD + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Robert Marcillas

MamiyaRZ67 Cinestill800T CarmencitaFilmLab MarkusKontiainenMamiya RZ67 + Cinestill 800T
photo by Markus Kontiainen

BronicaEC KodakTMax400 CarmencitaFilmLab StefanHellbergBronica EC + Kodak T-Max 400
photo by Stefan Hellberg

NikonFE2 KodakPortra400 FelipeRodriguezMassoniNikon FE2 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Felipe Rodríguez Massoni

Pentax645N IlfordHP5 CarmencitaFilmLab FionaConePentax 645N + Ilford HP5
photo by Fiona Cone

Canon1V Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab PhilippaLawleyCanon 1V + Fuji 400H
photo by Philippa Lawley

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab LiliiaLytvynetsContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Lilly Verhaegen

Mamiya645 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab RegisHanolMamiya 645 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Régis Hanol

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab BrancoPrataContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Branco Prata

LeicaM6 KodakTX400Pushed1stop CarmencitaFilmLab JoseGazteluLeica M6 + Kodak 400TX pushed 1stop
photo by José Gaztelu

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab AnaLuiContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Ana Lui

Contax645 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab JennyTongContax 645 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Jenny Tong

CanonPrimaAF8 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab GloriaPicoCanon Prima AF8 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Gloria Picó

LeicaM6 CarmencitaFilmLab LarsNilseLeica M6 + Kodak T-Max 400
photo by Lars Nilse

Contax645 KodakPortra400 carmencitaFilmLab JanScholzMicmojoContax 645 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Micmojo

NikonFM2 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab KimberleyTellNikon FM2 + Fuji 400H
photo by Kimberley Tell

NikonF5 FujiSuperia200 CarmencitaFilmLab JavierAntonNikon F5 + Fuji Superia 200
photo by Javier Anton

CanonEOS1V Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab YanaSchichtCanon EOS 1V + Fuji 400H
photo by Yana Schicht/Collect Moments

Pentax67 KodakTMax400 CarmencitaFilmLab FedericoMariaJannacchinoPentax 67 + Kodak T-Max 400
photo by Federico Maria Jannacchino

Contax645 Fuji400H HugoHennequinContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Hugo Hennequin

NikonF5 IlfordHP5 CarmencitaFilmLab PHplusVeronaNikon F5 + Ilford HP5
photo by PHplus Wedding Photography

Mamiya645 KodakPortra800Pushed1Stop LizaLitvinovichMamiya 645 + Kodak Portra 800 pushed 1stop
photo by Liza Litvinovich/Mango Studios

Rolleiflex35f KodakPortra160 CarmencitaFilmLab AlbertoRotAlbarcaRolleiflex 35f + Kodak Portra 160
photo by Alberto Rot Albarca

Pentax67 KodakTriX400 CarmencitaFilmLab GeorgWallnerPentax 67 + Kodak 400 TriX
photo by Georg Wallner

Contax645 Fuji400H CarmencitaFilmLab AlinaDanilovContax 645 + Fuji 400H
photo by Alina Danilov

ContaxT2 KodakPortra160 RafaelMarinAnayaContax T2 + Kodak Portra 160
photo by Rafa Marín Anaya

BronicaSQB KodakPortra800 CarmencitaFilmLab JoseBarraganBronica SQB + Kodak Portra 800
photo by Jose Barragan

BronicaRF645 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab RuiCardosoBronica RF 645 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Rui Cardoso

NikonF2 IlfordDelta3200 CarmencitaFilmLab AdamNordstromNikon F2 + Ilford Delta 3200
photo by Adam Nordström

CanonEOS3 KodakUltramax400 CarmencitaFilmLab ViktoriaBraunCanon EOS3 + Kodak Ultramax 400
photo by Viktoria Braun

Contax645 Fuji400HPushed1stop CarmencitaFilmLab RominaSchischkeContax 645 + Fuji 400H pushed 1stop
photo by Romina Schischke

Contax645 KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab KonstantynZakharyContax 645 + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Konstantyn Zakhary

Contax645 KodakPortra800 CarmencitaFilmLab DuetFridayContax 645 + Kodak Portra 800
photo by Duet Friday

Hasselblad500CM KodakTMax400 CarmencitaFilmLab DaniellBohnhofHasselblad 500 CM + Kodak T-Max 400
photo by Daniell Bohnhof

CanonEOS1N KodakPortra400 CarmencitaFilmLab JoanDiviFiguerasCanon EOS 1N + Kodak Portra 400
photo by Joan Divi Figueras

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