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24h* from your door to the lab

Welcome to our shipping in service! We know shipping is a big concern for every film shooter, and that’s why we decided to make it as easy as possible for anyone that wants to ship us their precious rolls! We partnered up with TNT cause they offer a fast, reliable & the best priced Express Services for your packages.

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Just look up your country on the map, click on the marker and the details of Zone Belonging & Delivery Days will appear. Once you have it figure it out, you can book your pickup order below the map choosing the zone where your country belong and filling up the details of your order. Easy Peasy! 

If you’ve got any questions please let us know in advance at, we will be happy to answer and help you out in anything we can!

*Shipping from outside the EU shipping might take between 48-72h

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How to Proceed

Each zone item will redirect you to the shop section where you can purchase and place your delivery order. Please remember to write down all the details in the comments section so we can correctly pass it through the system. You can find all the information that we’ll require in the following list. Easy Peasy!

Once it’s booked and paid we will set up the pickup order for the next business day (booking before 18.00h GMT+1)










Last but not least

Thanks for your trust!