Developing Black&White 101

by The Film Foundation


One of our reasons of being is to help you shoot film, and we are happy to find other people that share this leit motiv. The Film Foundation is a little collective of young film shooters that against all odds are willing to make film photography go places in Belgium. That’s why we decided to partner up to bring you this little workhshop! Carmencita will fly up north, all the way to Antwerp, to teach you all we know about developing B&W so you can do it on your own!

TFF carmencita -1

We believe that sharing knowledge and bringing people together helps everybody progress in their way.

We’ve all been students at some point and we know it’s hard to do what you love when you are on a budget. We really appreciate all the effort many shooters do to send us their film. But we don’t want to let that be the reason for anybody to stop shooting film!



The workshop will take place in Petizaar, in the center of Antwerp.

We will have space for both the developing and the lectures, it’s really near by the center so it will be easy to move around and get there.

 All the developing is gonna be done there it will be the meeting point for the beginning of every day. Lunch is not included so we will go somewhere near for lunch and take a break after the morning class.

Both lunch and dinner are not stablished so we will be deciding it at the beginning of each day among several options, everyone has free of choice, that way we will find the best place for everybody!


11 & 12 - Oct


Saturday 10-13

  • Welcoming
  • What we do in Carmencita
  • Film theory, both BW & C41
  • Different film stocks, how to expose.
  • Chemistry
  • Steps and time
  • Preparing chemisty
  • Temperatures
  • Storing chemistry
  • Pushing & Pulling

Saturday 14-19

  • Film developing gear, what you need.
  • How to load the film in tanks
  • Developing 1 film as an example
  • Everyone should develop 1 film or at least develop in couples
  • Hanging the film to dry for the next day

Sunday 10-13

  • Shooting with Models
  • How to meter
  • Light characteristics
  • Light situations
  • Poses
  • How it will render on film
  • Review the negatives developed the previous day

Sunday 14-19

  • Developing again (photos from the session)
  • Experimenting with pushing
  • Different developing solutions
  • Q&A’s


  TFF carmencita meets-1

See you there!