Frequently Asked Questions

Why Carmencita?

We are passionately young,

fool enough to dream,

that nothing is dead

till it’s forgotten.

We won’t be wrong

if we stay as a team,

that could face any threat

beneith what’s begotten.


because somebody said

it couldn’t be done,

we made it possible.

but… Film is so yestarday, isn’t it?

Yeah… that’s what my grandma used to say. You can shoot film, or you can SHOOT film if you know how to do it rather than point and shoot. We want you to shoot film (with capitals) and be very pleased with the result.

Most of our favorite pictures of all time are shot on film, and we feel that shooting with it is goes further than just loading a piece of gelatin instead of a CCD, it’s about slowing down, slow photography you may call it. But for us, film has helped us develop our own voice as a photographers, and we are love working on it. It’s this analog feel that keeps it more down to earth for us, the whole process becomes, somehow more organic.

While we are still growing as professionals we want to help anybody out there that share the same philosophy as we do, and for that, Carmencita was born on Januray 2013.

Ok, how do I send you my film then?

Our favorite option is regular mail, because it’s the most economic option and we trust them. Always with a tracking number and properly packed, you can be sure your film is gonna get to Carmencita in time.

Although if you want to use other services we strongly recommend you to try our Express 24h shipping service in partnership with TNT. All the details at

So you are just a film lab?

Well, yes and no.

We are a film lab in the 21st century, or a lab 2.0 if you like. That’s why we are not only focused on getting the best out of your film, but at the same time we want to help you out knowing the film itself, share your work with other film shooters, make workshops, and mainly eliminating all the reasons you may have not to shoot with this amazing medium.

Are you planning on offering a printing service also?

First wanna walk, then be the best walkers, later we will run and later on be the best runners.

We are planning on a lot of things but we want to do things right.

Stay tunned to our blog and you’ll be surprised!


And how long do you need to work your magic?
Our tunraround time is before 10 business days starting from the day the invoice is paid, if there is some B&W film in the order, we ask for extra 4 business days due the development.Take in count that you might probably get your scans earlier than that, depending on the season! But never later than 10 business days.
Sometimes I really need a lower turnaround time

We totally understand, and that’s why we created the Rush fee.

You can find our rates inside the order form. Our rush fees go from 4 business days up till 1 business day! how cool is that?

Can you push my film?

Si! We mean… Yes!

We do push both color and B&W film. Our lab tech is nerdy geeky guy that has spend a lot of years around developing machines and doing B&W by hand develop. He dreams about developing times (sometimes).

What kinds of film can you work with?

We can handle all color negative and B&W film in 35mm, 120 and 220 format.

Unfortunately we can not develop large format film or ECN-2 cinematic film.

C-41? E-6? ECN-2? Xtol? What is all this jibberish?

All these are the names are different chemistry process that are applied to develop different kinds of film. In color films it’s pretty standard, C-41 is used to develop all color negative film, and E-6 is used to develop color slide film.

When it comes to B&W film things get more funky, there are many B&W developers and usually, each one has different characteristics on each film (also each film has a standard developing time for each developer) and that makes things a bit more challenging. We use Xtol for most of our developing, but you may see many places out there using Ilford DDX, Kodak D-76, Kodak TMax, HC110, etc… all are equally valid, but we find that Xtol is the most polivalent of them when it comes to develop all kinds of photography, exposures and emulsion types.


What about the size of the scans?

We have scan sizes for every purpose!

Our M size it’s about 2400 x 3600 pixels and it’s meant to be printed on 20x30cm (A4)

Our L size it’s about 3000 x 4200 pixels and it’s meant to be printed on 24x35cm (A4+)

Our XL size it’s about 3500 x 4700 pixels and it’s meant to be printed on 30x40cm (A3)

(*) Sizes will vary a bit depending on the film format, a 6×7 scan will be a bit larger than 6×6 for example

And the type of files? I heard tiff is the coolest

Our workflow is based dealing with JPEG files, as most of the labs. They are easier to work with and the quality of the files generated in the Frontier is really impressive, also we deliver sRGB color space files, so we make sure you see what we see in our screens, and what most definetly your clients will see.

Again, if you really want to get tiff files it’s possible to be made, talk with us at, but don’t expect much of a difference in the final image, unless you crop at 200% or do some hardcore color tweaking.

Our goal is that you spend less time in front of the computer and more time shooting away from the keyboard.

So how am I gonna get my images and my film?

Just straight from the oven, you’ll recieve an email via WeTransfer to your email address from (yes this email express how happy are we to deliver your images).

After downloading and reading our feedback you can either ask us to send your film back or wait until you’ve got some orders to combine the shipping of the negs. We personally think you should enjoy the moment and start sharing with your beloved ones the images you created!

I want to get a special look to my images

That’s great! We know each photographer has his own look, that is, among other things, what sets him apart from the rest of the photographers out there. We want to help you out getting the look you are seeking for; but for now we are still working on some really cool features that will allow us to know which are your preferences when it comes to color, contrast, sharpness, skin tones, etc…

Right now you can see plenty of examples about our work, we are focused on delivering nice natural tones and correct images that allow you to give your look to the images without lossing a huge amount of time in it.

Stay tunned for more updates!


I’m not from Spain, where do I pay taxes?

No problemo! If you have a VAT number, let us know in the order form and write it down on the comments section. Following the European Union law you’re free from paying the spanish taxes but you’ll have to declare it when making numbers with your local administration.

We’ll help you make things as painless as possible!